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HD Brows, Microblading & Scalp Micropigmentation

HD Brows, Micro Blading and Scalp Micro Pigmentation now available at Pure Spa, brought to you in conjunction with Eve Brows & Eve Scalp Micro Pigmentation. 

Performed at our Sutton Coldfield Beauty Spa, professional advice and services are carried out by Edwina Evans, trained & qualified – registration no: 4714 – by the UK’s No.1 in-salon brow treatment experts, offering you a permanent solution for problem brows and thinning hair or hair loss.  All treatments are bespoke and tailored to meet your individual needs offering subtle, natural results and include aftercare advice and support.

Edwina Evans

Edwina Evans, trained at the Milton Keynes & Bristol HD Brow Academies and Birmingham LGS Hair Clinic for scalp micro pigmentation, Edwina’s initial area of expertise was solely focused on hair styling.  “…as the years progressed my interest started to delve into further areas of the aesthetics sector including HD brows and micro blading. Having now established myself in both of these areas my ambitious nature was soon exploring other avenues and brought me to micro pigmentation.  I love my career and it’s so rewarding helping people to achieve a natural look and give them confidence in their appearance”.

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HD Brow & MicroBlading menu & prices

HD Brows

HD Brows – the UK’s No.1 in-salon brow treatment now available at our Sutton Coldfield beauty Spa.  HD Brows have transformed the salon industry by introducing a new concept in brow treatment. The beauty press, celebrities and influencers fell in love with the transformative results, leading HD Brows to become the UK’s no.1 salon brow treatment.  Offering you a more permanent fix for thin brows; no other brow treatment is as long-lasting nor natural-looking.

Using a combination of techniques including tinting, waxing and threading, this service includes specialist HD Brows products to achieve the perfect brow for you. 

HD Brows £35.00

Includes – consultation, mini make-up lesson and aftercare advice.

Microblading Brows

Microblading can often be referred to under a lot of different names, including semi-permanent eyebrows, hair stroke tattoo and 3D/6D brows. It is a form of permanent make up that uses a precise handheld tool to create ultra-fine lines.

Microblading isn’t ‘one size fits all’.  Our qualified stylist creates brows totally tailored to you with a natural looking finish, making it ideal for men and women, those with thin or sparse brows or recreating brows after hair loss.  The effects can last up to 12-24 months, depending on skin types, after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were. 

The results are very natural and lifelike, giving the brows a natural, fuller look.  Rather than giving you a block of colour like traditional tattooing, fine strokes are performed to create the illusion of real hairs.  The treatment is sometimes referred to as a semi-permanent, however with regular top-ups and our great aftercare, it can last a lifetime. Perfect for those with alopecia or people who’ve gone through chemotherapy, or just if you are keen to up your brow game!


Prices starting at £200.00

Initial Consultation £50.00

Top – Ups from £60.00

Please note a skin test will be required before treatment commences for this service.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp Micro Pigmentation is an effective treatment adding volume to thinning hair, receding hairlines or adding stubble to bald patches. The scalp is micro bladed using fine lines and marks to mimic the natural hair disguising the scalp creating fullness, density and volume.

Scalp micro pigmentation can help with the following:  

camouflage scars and burns

further enhance a hair transplant

create simulated hair follicles for a receding hair line, rear, sides or full head.

help alopecia sufferers

camouflage existing hair transplant scars

Price on application

Please note, it is important to be absolutely certain before proceeding with any semi/permanent make-up or micro pigmentation, therefore a thorough bespoke consultation will be required before any of these services can be performed.

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