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Scalp Care is Self Care

The foundation for healthy hair.

How’s your scalp hon?!  Tight, itchy, dry, sore?  We’ve got a solution for that!
Come in and experience our signature Aveda blow dry with Aveda’s new Scalp Solutions.

Scalp care, while often overlooked, is essential to hydrated skin and healthy looking hair.  After all, the skin that makes up your scalp is an extension of the skin on your body.  Just as you care for the skin on your face, your scalp needs to be cleansed, moisturised and exfoliated to remove excess oil and fight premature ageing.

Say hello to NEW scalp solutions.

1. A thorough consultation is carried out to discuss your scalp concerns.

2. Experience a stress relieving neck & shoulder massage. One of our Aveda Artists will help you relieve stress and tension with soothing massage movements for your neck and shoulders, while aromaology, using pure flower and plant essences, helps revive your senses.

3. The ultimate scalp experience using the stimulating scalp massager.
Exfoliates and stimulates your scalp with NEW scalp solutions stimulating scalp massager gently, yet effectively lifting impurities from your scalp.

4. Exfoliating scalp treatment – exfoliates the scalp to instantly remove surface pollution, product build-up and excess oil without disrupting the scalps own natural barrier. Leaving you with a fresh and clean scalp.

5. Scalp solutions shampoo – Cooling shampoo gently cleanses to help remove excess oil, impurities and pollution from hair and scalp. Boosts scalp hydration by +92%*

6. Scalp solutions Conditioner – The oily to dry scalp conditioner with a blend of Babassu and Moringa oils replenish, hydrate and soften hair and scalp. The lightweight formula improves scalp hydration instantly and overtime: +92%* after 1 week; +128%** after 2 weeks.

7. Refreshing mist applied – Scalp solutions Refreshing Protective Mist. Helps to control excess oil for 48hours, provides all-day antioxidant protection and even helps lengthen the time between washes.

8. Your hair will then be blow dried in style of your choice.

9. Recommended for home use: Overnight renewal serum – strengthens and renews the scalp barrier, soothes irritated scalp and leaves your scalp soft, supple and nourished.

Sound good?  Book online today!

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