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Heated Scissors – Haircutting with built-in wellness treatment for your hair!

Did you know a hot scissors haircut is essentially a repairing treatment for your hair?!   Sealed ends = healthy hair.

Cutting your hair with heated scissors seals in moisture, color pigments, and nutrients inside the hair, leaving the hair healthy and with more body and shine right down to the tips, without using any chemical agents.


We are one of the very few salon’s in the Midlands to bring you this service and we are now the proud owners of the very latest hot scissors technology; the TCC Carecut from Jaguar.

Electronically adjustable temperature makes these hairdressing scissors suitable for both fine and thick hair for ladies and gents.  The keratin (the basic substance hair is made of) is gently heated during cutting and smooths evenly over the cut surface. This seals the hair structure, leaving the hair looking nourished, healthy and shiny!


See the difference. The “before” picture shows you hair that has been cut using cold scissors. The “after” picture shows hair cut with the THERA-cut heated scissors. The difference is obvious and the benefits immediate.

Our heated scissors service can be added to your cut & finish at just £10.00.  Book online or ask your stylist for details!


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