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Hair Smoothing, Texturising, Relaxing & Straightening

For sleek-straight hair, keep frizz at bay or to provide your hair with vitality and shine, designed to replenish the hair, containing keratin to strengthen and collagen to calm frizz, smooth curls and enhance shine.

Smoothing & Relaxing for Silky Hair

Tired of battling with frizzy dry hair?

Whether you desire poker straight locks or wish to simply tame and soften your natural curls our team of hair experts have a straightening, relaxing, texturising or de-frizzing solution customised for you! Elongating natural curl pattern – softens, stretches and defrizzes giving you versatility & ability to wear your hair in its natural state or straight style.

Using Keratin Therapy Lisse Design from Alfaparf Milano a keratin progressive smoothing system combining excellent performance and safetyable to meet in a very versatile way, all needs of straight hair.

Next to zero formaldehyde release in the air*.
COMPLETELY SAFE for you and us and compliant to the strictest EU and international standards**.

* Test made on formaldehyde emissions released at high temperatures (the temperatures required for the technical service).
** Assessment tests to environmental exposure made according to the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
for the assessment of reference values proposed by the American screening and surveillance bodies, the OSHA and the ACGIH.

Price guide

Please note: we have moved to a charge by time system for all technical services. Your price will not change if you have been having the classic services.  However if you require extra time for long or extra thick hair we will now be charging for our additional time to accommodate these services.

We have allocated a 30 minutes extra charge If you have long or thick hair or would like your hair extra blonde.

You must book additional (chargeable) time to accommodate for these extras so that we can spend the necessary time needed to achieve the look you want.  If you are in doubt what to book, please book as below and then contact us.

Some services are not available at certain times.  A £20.00 deposit is required for technical services.

Hair Smoothing, Texturising, Relaxing & Straightening Prices

Includes Finish

Creative Director
Artistic DirectorArtistic DesignerNew Talent
Reduce Frizz (Brazilian Blow Dry) Short£119.00£109.00£102.00£86.00
Reduce Frizz (Brazilian Blow Dry) Long£166.00£153.00£142.00£118.00
Relax Curl Short£191.50£175.50£159.50£136.50
Relax Curl Long£263.50£242.00£234.00£187.00
Straighten Curl Short£215.50£197.00£178.00£156.00
Straighten Curl Long£285.00£261.00£254.00£207.00
Extra 30mins. Extra long or thick supplement£42.00£35.00£33.00£29.00

Some services are not available at certain times. A £20.00 deposit is required for technical services.

For appointments call    0121 353 2738

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