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Curling & Perming for Ladies & Gents

The perm is back! A softer, more modern approach to the permanent wave might be the solution you’ve been searching for.  From big, corkscrew curls, looser beachy waves or just a bit more movement and wave. Our experienced Aveda artists will design a style to suit you.

Hair Curling & Permanent Relaxing

Curls are bouncing back into fashion for ladies and gents alike and with advanced techniques and procedures they can give you curls that you want. The latest techniques provide the flexibility for our hair designers to give you exactly the kind of curls you want with minimal damge to your hair.

Fashion Curling Prices

Includes Cut & Finish

Creative DirectorArtistic DirectorArtistic DesignerSenior DesignerGraduate Designer
Spiral Curl£152.00£139.00£114.00£104.00N/A
Curling Short Hair£106.50£97.00£83.00£73.00£58.50
Curling Long Hair£122.00£112.00£94.00£87.00£69.50

Some services are not available at certain times. A £10.00 deposit may be required for technical services.

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