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Afro & Naturally Curly Hair Cutting & Styling

Looking for a salon who truly understands curly hair? Here at Pure we understand all hair types and we understand that caring for afro, kinky or multi textured hair can be challenging. We can provide the level of specificity & understand the technicalities to cater for Afro-Caribbean & naturally curly hair. Our experienced expert stylists will design a style to suit you to give you not only beautiful hair that looks amazing but also a style that’s manageable for you!

Afro & Naturally Curly Specialist Services

Embrace your curls! Meet our experts dedicated to people with curly hair.

Looking for a salon who truly understands curly hair? Here at Pure we understand all hair types and we understand that caring for afro, kinky or multi textured hair can be challenging.  Finding a salon that can provide the level of specificity or has someone who understands the technicalities to cater to Afro-Caribbean hair can also be impossible.

We understand that the shape is very important to you, the texture is doing what you want, and we will listen!   You will receive a bespoke, personalised consultation and have your hair and scalp assessed to give you not only beautiful hair that looks amazing but also a style that’s manageable for you and we will guide you through style, maintenance and home care advice using specialist hair products that will work for you.

We understand that curly clients new to Pure can be very wary and uncertain due to having bad salon experiences in the past.  Our stylists (some of whom have curly hair!) are experienced and trained in various curl cutting techniques to suit different types of curls, from wavy through to afro, click here to read more about our expert in afro hair

Curl Guide

Whether they’re softly spiralled or coiled and voluminous, curls are undeniably gorgeous! But not all curly hair is the same. Every texture behaves differently and understanding your unique curl type is the first step to keeping your hair healthy and strong.

If your are struggling to figure out your curl type while it can seem intimidating at first, there is a pioneering classification system, ranging from 2A to 4C, that makes it easier to identify your curl. The number refers to curl families, while the letter points to how tightly wound your curls are within that.

We hope you find this guide useful but if you are in any doubt about the nature of your particular curl type book in for a FREE consultation with one of our curl experts.

Type 2A – you may have a slight wave to your hair and lots of body. Frizz can be a factor depending on the porosity.

Type 2B – this curl type can be described as beachy waves with a loose S-pattern with little to no bounce.  Frizz is sometimes an issue.

Type 2C – can be described as a deep wave, or a true definition of S-waves. Almost curly, your hair is manageable to style but prone to frizz but can have a smooth texture to each strand.

Type 3A – is a loose spiral curl without a lot of shrinkage. The loop of your curl can fit around a permanent marker.

Type 3B – is a tighter curl, with a spring back of 1 to 2 inches that needs more TLC.  A pencil can fit into your curls, but they are most likely looser to the front of your head.

Type 3C – it’s likely that with 3C curls, you may have a few textures going on, some might be a corkscrew and some might zigzag tightly.

Type 4A – hair is more of a coil; a toothpick can fit inside of your curl loop. These curls start to get more shrinkage as they tend to wrap around themselves, or they can be more elongated.

Type 4B – hair is a zigzag more than a curl. It can be fragile, highly porous, and prone to breakage.

Type 4C – Similar in texture to 4B.  4C hair is tightly coiled, so much so you might not see its zigzag pattern without stretching it. 4C coils wrap around themselves with little to no drop to the curl.

Afro & Naturally Curly Hair Cutting & Styling Prices

Creative DirectorArtistic DirectorArtistic DesignerNew Talent
Fine/Short/Curly Cut & Finish£82.50£66.00£61.50£56.50
Medium Length/Thickness/ Curly Cut & Finish£95.50£83.50£77.50£67.50
Thick/Long/Curly Cut & Finish£112.00£99.00£92.50£85.00
Afro Specialist
Afro Curl Fine/Short/Curly Hair
Hair Cut & Finish£69.50
Hair Cut/Finish & Flat Iron£82.50
Hair Cut & Twist Out£105.00
Shampoo & Finish£45.00
Afro Curl Medium Length/Thickness/Curly Hair
Hair Cut & Finish £82.50
Hair Cut/Finish & Flat Iron£105.00
Hair Cut & Twist Out£124.50
Shampoo & Finish£69.50
Afro Curl Thick/Long/Curly Hair
Hair Cut & Finish£124.50
Hair Cut/Finish & Flat Iron£144.00
Hair Cut & Twist Out£163.00
Shampoo & Finish£105.00

At Pure, our finish can either a be blow-dry, blow-dry & flat-iron or twist-out (a twist out is when the hair is divided into to 2 strands, twisted, dried under the dryer & when dry, each twist is seperated)

Some services are not available at certain times. A £20.00 deposit is required for technical services.

Tips for Your Perfect Appointment

Tips For Your Perfect Appointment
Pure is about loving and embracing your hair in all its natural beauty. Follow our Do’s & Dont’s in order to get the best results from your appointment.

DON’T – arrive with your hair in a ponytail, bun or your hair up in any form etc or any style. This can stretch or change your hair’s natural curl pattern.

DON’T – brush, comb or pick your hair out before your service.

DON’T – style your hair with *products that are excessively sticky, greasy or oily.

​DO – cleanse, condition and style your hair curly (with *product) the day of your appointment.

DO – arrive with your hair thoroughly dry. We may use different cutting techniques inc: dry cutting, wet cutting or a combination of both depending on your hairs needs.

DO – allow plenty of time for your appointment. Every head of curls is unique and the time and attention to achieve your perfect hair cut/style can vary, so use your appointment as the perfect excuse for a chilled, relaxed day!

You can book an appointment online or call us at the salon & take advantage of our FREE consultation service.  Your stylist will assess your curls and discuss with you the ideal approach for your hair needs.

For appointments call    0121 353 2738

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