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Natural ways to support Fertility and IVF at Pure Hair & Spa

Introducing a new service to Pure Spa – Fertility Natural Health Therapy brought to you by Rachel Brown BSc (Hon) Pharmacy MFHT.

Are you on a fertility journey?

If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you’ll know the agony and emotional impact from month after month of negative results.   Whether you face natural conception issues, IVF, or other issues that are impacting you, the mental and physical stress on your body and home life are enormous.  

Fertility Natural Health Therapy is as it says, a natural treatment that can support you during this time and help you on your fertility journey.

Created by Claire Spink (as Fertility Massage Therapy™) the therapy involves a specific abdominal sacral massage, energy work, visualisations and a beautiful wrapping ceremony using a traditional scarf woven and used by Mexican women. You will also receive support to reduce various stresses that may also be having an impact such as psychological, physiological, environmental and nutritional stress . 

Of course, no holistic therapy can diagnose or cure medical conditions or replace any medical care you are under. You should always consult your doctor if you have any medical concerns. There are also no pregnancy guarantees from receiving this treatment. However, this beautiful therapy will support you to better cope with the emotional strain and it will help you relax, releases tension and trapped emotions, bringing harmony and balance back to your body.

Rachel says: “I put this into practice in my early 30’s when my husband and I found ourselves unable to conceive naturally and so turned to IVF. I experienced the emotional rollercoaster and what it’s like to feel inadequate, a failure; yet despite my first round not working, I decided to approach the next round with a natural health focus at the same time. By practicing my own self-care and natural health my stress levels reduced, I felt emotionally and physically ready and I am now proud mum to 2 wonderful boys. It’s time for me to give something back!”

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Our holistic therapies are brought to you by expert reflexologist and reiki healer, Rachel Brown BSc (Hons) Pharmacy MFHT.

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